The Reform Party Endorses This NY- 27  Remodel

Why We Need A Chris Collins Upgrade

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Sick Of Politicians?

You Are Not Alone

After years of seeing political corruption, special interests controlling the government, onerous taxes, an escalating cost of living, and a business climate which makes it impossible for the little guy to get ahead, I have recognized the need for a third party to have power in our government. With a two party system, it is too easy for the party in power to approve bad legislation.

Additionally, I am so frustrated that Chris Collins used his office to do insider trading that I have decided to run against him for the New York 27th Congressional district.  If I win, I promise I will install a system that allows you, the voter, to have more power over me (see below).

Three Upgrades I Support For A Better Run Country

First, I believe in term limits for all senators and congressmen.  Let’s get the career politicians out.

Second, let’s figure out a way to ensure we always have three strong political parties.  I think most of us would agree that we are tired of voting in presidential elections where we dislike both candidates.

Third, I am advocating for, a website that will allow voters to see the legislation that our Congress will be voting on, comment on it, and direct their politician to vote a certain direction. This is a great way for us to take our power back from the politicians as they won't be able to have their votes influenced by donors and lobbyists. 

Bring Your Hammer or Help Us Out!

We  are going to need a lot of volunteers and some cash to make these changes.   If we all work together, we can do it.

Bring your hammer or donate cash!

We are going to need a lot of volunteers and some cash to fix the foundation of our party.   If we all work together, we can do it.

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