NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel
NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel

Fixing Fake News

Fixing The Fake News Problem

We all know about fake news problem corrupting our news feeds on Facebook and using fake accounts on Twitter to promote Donald Trump   Before we knew the true magnitude of this problem, in January of 2017 I helped start a grass roots effort to stop fake news.  This shows I have pretty good judgement.  Identifact.org’s premise was to identify lying reporters so that once a reporter was proven to be a liar, that label would stick to them forever.  We wanted to create a Credibility rating (similar to a FICO score)  for each news source (reporter, TV station, etc.) and have it displayed on Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome right where you see the little security lock.   This score was to be an aggregate score from many fact checking organizations, and two fact checking organizations immediately signed onto this movement.  If you want to end fake news with us, you can still sign our petition here:  https://www.change.org/p/internet-browsers-rate-honesty-of-news-sites 

This concept was abandoned when Facebook and Google announced that they created a similar solution to combat fake news in France.  The Identifact partners felt that the solution would eventually come to the United States.  Now that we’ve learned that Facebook has allowed Russia to purchase ad space to influence the election http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/10/09/facebook-says-150-political-ads-linked-to-russia-showed-up-on-instagram.html   we realize that stopping Fake News needs is still a problem that needs to be solved.  If any New York State resident wants to create this company, I’d be delighted to let them use Identifact as a springboard to their success. I will push for legislation to stop Fake News when I reach Congress.     

Update: Facebook is rolling out some cool tools to notify users if the "liked" a Russian election advertisement.