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I lived in West Seneca for 21 years, and went to Orchard Park schools. I have lived in Erie County my entire life. I have a BA from Binghamton University in English and Psychology, and a master’s degree from the University of Buffalo in Business. My wife lived in Pembrook for over 19 years. Together we have two wonderful children.  My son Cayden, is 15 and daughter Erin, is 13.  They've been regulars at the camps Scout Haven, Schoellkopf, and Seven Hills.  In my spare time I do volunteer work, train in martial arts, and am a leader in my son’s boy scout troop. I believe that God put each of us on this earth for a reason, and for me that means that everything I do in life should have a noble purpose. While I’m not perfect, I think if you look at my life’s work, you’ll see that the actions I have taken have always attempted to make the world around me better.  Please look at my qualifications and ask yourself if you believe in the same things I do. Ask yourself if you think I am a candidate that you can trust to do the right thing, to the best of my ability. Ask yourself if you think that our Republican Party would do better if it had more Fix It Larry Piegza (pronounced pee-egg-za).

I Know Small Businesses Are Drowning In Regulation

In my business, I have experienced firsthand the crippling effects of government regulation.  I believe that farms and small business owners are suffocated by excessive taxation and regulation.  Compare this to Chris Collins who won’t stand up to a president that wants to raise NYS residents' taxes.   Unlike Chris Collins, who voted to end the health insurance many New Yorkers need to survive. I have the guts to fight for what I believe in. 

 If you don’t believe me, you can watch me punk the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after they harassed my company with a stupid audit.  We did nothing wrong, but they marked me up for silly things and fined us $900.   Part of my fine was that I needed to retrain my employees on the OSHA recommended “safer procedures” and make it clear I was sorry that I jeopardized their lives by violating OSHA’s regulations.  So, I made this video, http://smartevals.com/osha trained my employees and then sent it to OSHA for their approval.  

They didn’t respond, so I sent it to them again to make sure they got it.  Wouldn’t you love to see Chris Collins risk his reputation and stick up for New York with this much gusto? Yeah, me too. (Yeah, I’m a fashion disaster, but notice I’m wearing sneakers and jeans to work because I know that’s how real work is done.)

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