Everyone Profits With A Blue Collar Mentality

When I started Gap Technologies, Inc.   15 years ago I had no investors and a shoestring budget.  The company grew to 25 employees because we focus on giving our employees the resources they need to learn and grow.    We believe that everyone at the company has a say, and our employees vote twice a year on who deserves raises in pay.  That means if you roll up your sleeves and work hard, you get paid more.   As a result, we have seen strong growth.  Our employees have averaged an 8% compensation increase each and every year for 7 years.   That means that the average person at Gap makes 50% more than they did 7 years ago. Imagine if we could bring that growth to New York farmers and small businesses!  As your representative, I will not endorse any legislation that does not benefit New York State workers and farmers.

Currently Developing A Virtual Town Hall

Gap Technologies, Inc. is currently developing a website to allow any voting resident in New York State to see the legislation that a congressman will be voting on, write their opinion, and cast one vote on it. Hopefully, each Congressman will allow themselves to be bound by a super-majority of voters that agree on an issue. This website will be designed so that special interest groups and campaign donors get no say or access to the system. Gap Technologies, Inc. believes that this is the perfect solution to eliminate the tremendous power special interests have on our legislative process.  They are designing the system with security in mind to make sure it can't be compromised by the Russians or non-district voters.

Protecting the Enviornment

Under my leadership, Gap Technologies, Inc.  partnered with the National Wildlife Federation to adopt 86,000 acres of land.  We wanted to help protect our beautiful country and farmers at the same time.  I was working to adopt some NYS property with the Nature Conservancy, but the property taxes in NYS made it too expensive! 

Gap Technologies, Inc. is Green Business Bureau certified at its highest certification level and has solar panels on top of the building, contributing over 50% of our electrical energy.  Once Solar City becomes operational, our plan is to buy even more because that means supporting New York businesses. Revitalizing Western New York has always been in my blood, even in my 20’s.  I was an initial member of the 21st Century Fund,  a non-profit that gives out money every other year to projects that enhance Erie County.  To this day, the organization has given out over $1,000,000 to projects designed to grow Western New York. Before that, I also started a grass roots effort to restore the worst portion of Delaware Park’s Ring Road, a paved exercise loop so that roller bladers could use it.  It took me a year to pull it off, but making NY parks accessible was worth it.

Hiring the Wrong People