NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel
NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel

Everyone Profits With A Blue Collar Mentality

When I started Gap Technologies, Inc.   15 years ago I had no investors and a shoestring budget.  The company grew to 25 employees because we focus on giving our employees the resources they need to learn and grow.    We believe that everyone at the company has a say, and our employees vote twice a year on who deserves raises in pay.  That means if you roll up your sleeves and work hard, you get paid more.   As a result, we have seen strong growth.  Our employees have averaged an 8% compensation increase each and every year for 7 years.   That means that the average person at Gap makes 50% more than they did 7 years ago. Imagine if we could bring that growth to New York farmers and small businesses!  As your representative, I will not endorse any legislation that does not benefit New York State workers and farmers.

I believe in eDemocracy

I am a huge believer in eDemocracy.us and believe every politician should us it to keep in contact with the will of their constituents.  Here's a brief video on the concept.

I support eDemocracy.us and Proxy.Vote