Chris Collins Does Not Support Christian Values

His Donors Are Not From New York

Bipartisan agencies suggest that after 8 years anyone making less than $200,000 will pay more in taxes.   The current tax plan will especially hurt New York State residents due to the limitations of deducting state and local taxes.  Collins admitted that his donors demanded that he pass the tax plan, although it has been shown that the majority of his donors are not from New York State.

Here is a great calculator to see how much you are expected to save under the new tax plan.  Since Collins makes well over $200,000 per year -- much more.  He is going benefit mightily from the tax plan, while the middle class will suffer. 

My primary problem with the tax plan was that it was passed very quickly.  Many people who studied it say that it benefits the rich only.  

I am especially aware that wealth in the United States is rapidly shifting to a small group of extremely rich people.   I believe that the current tax plan will only make this worse.

Chris Collins Suggests Lap Dances

We need to get the creeps out of Congress. In January 2010, two republican legislators claimed that at Gov. David Paterson's crowded State-of-the State address, Chris Collins told a woman: "I'm sure if you offer someone a lap dance you can find a place to sit." 

Making matters worse, Errigo said Collins made a similarly crude remark to the woman at an event the night before the SoS at the Fort Orange Club that was hosted by Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb. The assemblyman said Collins also took shots at Lazio after his fellow Republican made the rounds and left. 

As a Republican, if that were my candidate, I would be totally embarrassed and I certainly wouldn’t be putting my name on any endorsement for him.”  Assemblyman Joseph Errigo said.

Giggles At Donald Trump's Antics

Chris Collins was one of the first congressmen to endorse Trump, and he's giggled when he heard about Trump insulting Kim Jong Un with his "Rocket Man" insult.  "He [Trump] is just a fun guy" are his exact words.  I wonder if Collins was giggling when Sony Pictures was hacked and lost 15 million dollars when they angered Kim Jong Un.

I strongly oppose North Korea's actions too, but I think insulting another nation’s dictator is not the way to go.  Especially if that dictator has nuclear weapons.  Before we bully and threaten to nuke another country, I am hoping Americans will ask themselves if our Creator really wants us to murder 30 million daughters, sons, fathers and mothers because our President had a Tweet rant that went too far. I don’t support a congressman that supports Trump’s train wreck diplomacy.

Collins is not shy about slandering political opponents either, and has  apologized in the past for calling people Hitler and the Anti-Christ.

Let's Put New York's Interests First