NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel
NY Congressional District 27 Needs a Remodel

Write In Questions

Would you support a nation-wide ban on fracking?

I am a supporter of each state making their own decisions.  And you will see based on my record of personal philanthropy, that I believe strongly in protecting our natural resources so that generations of outdoor enthusiasts and sportsman can enjoy its beauty.  I support exploring free-market solutions to these challenges.  

Should the Public Utilities Regulatory Policies Act be amended to require utility companies to charge all residential customers the same price?  Are you aware that utility companies charge widows and widowers living alone a higher price per kWh than they charge the average residential customer? (My price increase after the death of my wife was 44%.)


I don't know enough about this to answer this question without studying it.  I can see lawyers and politicians arguing what "same price" means for weeks. 


 Would you vote for a Republican to be speaker of the house?

Absolutely.  A budget hawk would be great.   

 Would you vote for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the house?

The last time I had a vision of me voting for Pelosi...   I woke up screaming.  :-) 

Do you support the decision to provide $7B in tax credits for carbon free nuclear power plants?

Our debt is growing by leaps and bounds, so NO.   Examining a comprehensive energy policy vs piece meal government handouts is something I would want to look more in to.  Without studying this single policy greatly, I also question its usefulness.


Should the Supreme Court receive another justice with explicit goals of overturning Roe v Wade, and it subsequently occurs?

I would support this decision.

How would you vote on any legislation limiting or removing a womans choice in New York?

I would not support leglislation limiting NY authority.

Would you support a carbon tax?


Do you favor a federal $15 minimum wage?


Should the government force anyone to buy a product he does not want, such as ethanol from A D & M?

No. I'd like the government to stay out of our lives as much as possible.

 If you said no, will you take any action to get a change implemented? 


I am hoping I can spend the majority of my time in congress focusing on:

  •  lowering the debt / balance our budget,
  •  solving our exploding health care costs,
  •  funding social security,
  •  and stopping the Russians from meddling in our elections.